07/28/17: Los Angeles Black Health Agenda


The California Black Health Network is hosting a series of town hall meetings to document the concerns of African Americans in this new era and political upheaval. Your contribution will result in a legislative guide that will promote issues that improve the health and wellbeing of Black people. We need your experience, your input and your voice!

Who is talking about us? Most importantly who is talking FOR us?

Objectives – To Obtain and Identify:

  1. Direct input regarding the African American experience
  2. Best practices to improve health & overall well-being
  3. Strategies that promote equity and improved access to healthcare
  4. Community leaders who will promote the agenda across the state

We welcome:

  • Community Members
  • Teachers/Students
  • Community Organizations
  • Advocates
  • Legislators
  • Health Care Providers
  • Faith Leaders
  • Indigenous Healers

The event is structured as a two-part convening. From 1-3 pm will be the Stakeholder’s meeting. Here legislators, organizations, health providers, holistic healers, and advocates will voice their concerns, experience, and suggestions to support legislation to improve the wellbeing of Black folks.

Of course, we want to hear from the actual community and constituents that we advocate on their behalf. From 3-5 pm is the town hall meeting for community members, which stakeholders are welcomed to be a part of as well. In this time, we hold space for the community to proclaim matters that are important to them that should be the focus of our efforts in impacting legislation.

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable talking in groups, therefore we will have other mediums for sharing your thoughts and suggestions and still be able to be present.

There will be food and drinks provided. We are asking for your time therefore we can definitely feed you!

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