0216171629Roxanne is the Program Coordinator for Healthy Alternatives for Reducing the Risk for HIV Program at JWCH Institute, Inc. Also known as HARRP, this HIV Prevention Program provides education and support to women at risk for HIV/ STI. She uses her knowledge about HIV/ STI, behavioral theory, harm reduction, substance abuse, mental health and socio-economic barriers to provide oversight to this nearly two decades long funded program as well as providing individual counseling/education to clients. In September 2012 she became the chair of the Universal Condom Work Group; a work group that provides education and advocacy around female condoms in Los Angeles County.

Roxanne is driven by the empowerment others. She has always been excited by the sharing of ideas that allow people to expand their world view.

As a teen she volunteered at Camp Laurel, a camp for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Roxanne has presented at the Harm Reduction Coalition annual conference, the National Association of Case Manger’s conference and the CDC HIV Prevention conference. She also teamed up with APLA for one of Los Angeles’ first National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day events. Her work with the Universal Condom work group assisted in the proliferation of female condom use by agencies across Los Angeles and increase in female condom availability through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. She has provided female condom training to over 200 health providers.

Roxanne holds a Bachelor’s degree in English with double minors in Art and Communication. She aspires to continue her education to continue working toward improving the mental, sexual and physical health of women.